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San Mateo Park


San Mateo Park is the rare community that achieved its ideal vision of urban development. With an emphasis on finding harmony with its natural surroundings, San Mateo Park is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most beautiful residential communities. Located on the San Francisco Peninsula, approximately 20 miles south of San Francisco, gives you that lush small town feel within a cosmopolitan area.
When San Mateo Park was founded in 1896, it sought to be apart of the “City Beautiful Movement”. At turn of the 19th century the City Beautiful Movement led the way in rejuvenating urban area to be on par with their European counterparts. Local architects, including the designer of Golden Gate Park envisioned San Mateo Park to be an upscale community that reached the highest ideals of the “City Beautiful Movement”. The founders laid out gently winding streets, conforming them to the gently rolling terrain. The entry into San Mateo Park from El Camino Real would be a magnificently landscaped crescent.
“The Park”, as locals affectionately call San Mateo Park, is filled with an array of native and exotic plants and trees. The architecture is just as diverse—a veritable treasure trove of period houses of all sizes and descriptions. A walk through a gentle San Mateo Park lane is a tour through the architecture movements of the past century.
Its whimsical homes, luxuriant vegetation and relaxed informality are the trademarks of this neighborhood that consistently strives for perfection; it is this that gives San Mateo Park its unique character and makes San Mateo Park so desirable.

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