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San Carlos


It’s easy to see why San Carlos bills itself as the “city of good living”. Located 25 miles south of San Francisco and at the north end of Silicon Valley, San Carlos finds a balance between its quiet neighborhoods, charming downtown and natural beauty. San Carlos is a family oriented community, with highly regarded schools and an active community services program. The neighborhoods are inviting for their quiet and the mature oaks that line the streets.
Incorporated in 1925, there is some debate on how the city received its name. Town historians theorize it comes from one of three sources: the San Carlos, the first ship to sail into San Francisco Bay, or King Charles III of Spain, or the Portola Expedition that discovered the Bay on the Feast of St. Charles, Nov. 4, 1769.
More recently, Laurel Avenue has become a popular retail area for San Mateo County due to its lovely boutiques and appealing ambience. Also, in 1998, the Hiller Aviation Museum opened to chronicle the history of aviation in Northern California.



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